House Rules @ No. 112 East Laurel

Before reserving our house, please note. . . .

  • Maximum occupancy for the house is 6 people.
  • Pets are NOT allowed. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Parties are not allowed on the property.
  • Failure to comply with these requirements will result in forfeiture of fees and removal of all parties from the property.

Our Rates. . . .

  • Nightly: $325 per night (+required 12.3% sales tax); 2 night minimum; $100 cleaning fee
  • Weekly: $300 nightly (+required 12.3% sales tax); $100 cleaning fee
  • Payment is due at time of booking.  Failure to cancel a booking within 48 hours of scheduled arrival will result in payment of one half of original booking fees. 

Good to Know. . . .

  • The house is accessed via KEYLESS ENTRY, and the code will be provided prior to arrival and after payment in full is received.  Check in is at 4 pm, and check out is at 11 am.
  • The WIFI password is in the Guest Book on the table in the living room.
  • Please do not bring BICYCLES into the house for storage. Any damage caused by bringing a bike inside will be charged to your credit card. Either secure them to the rack on your vehicle, or lock them to the bike rack in the back yard. Damascus is a very safe town with very little crime, but your bikes should be secured in some manner just in case. 
  • You are welcome to use the FIRE PIT in the back yard; however, please make certain to allow time for cooling after each use and replace the cover when not in use. Please DO NOT leave the fire unattended and do not use the patio/deck furniture or the front porch furniture in the fire pit area. Please be respectful of our neighbors and keep "quiet time" after dark in the back yard and patio area.
  • Please do not use household LINENS in the fire pit area or anywhere else outdoors.  The basket of blankets in the living room are provided for outdoor use, and there is a basket of cleaning cloths in the kitchen that is provided for use on your bike, shoes, or whatever else you may need to clean.
  • The WASHER and DRYER are available for your use, but please do not put heavily soiled/muddy clothes in the machines.
  • There is a "smart" TELEVISION in the living room and in each of the three bedrooms. 
  • The GRILL on the patio is available for your use. Please make certain to turn off the gas when you are finished cooking. Grilling tools are stored in the kitchen cabinet to the left of the refrigerator.
  • In addition to street PARKING in front of the house, there is private parking at the back of the property on Bank Street -- enough for two average sized vehicles.   Please do not park in the single space provided for the additional rental unit at the back of the property (on Bank Street).
  • SUPPLIES (trash bags, sanitizing spray, laundry detergent, etc.) are available for your use in the cabinet beneath the kitchen sink.  Additional supplies are stored in the left closet in the upstairs hallway.  Should you need a broom or vacuum, they are also stored in the left closet in the upstairs hallway.
  • A basic FIRST AID KIT is stored in the kitchen cabinet to the left of the refrigerator.   Though we certainly hope you don't need it, you're welcome to make use of the supplies in the box in case of emergency.

Nearby Services. . . .

  • There is a Food City in town -- approximately half a mile from the house. There is a "value card" in the Guest Book that we recommend you use for fairly significant savings. Please just make certain to return it to the book before you leave so that it's available for the next lodgers.  There is also a Dollar General a few steps from the house on the opposite side of Laurel Avenue. 
  • There are a variety of restaurants in town, including a coffee shop/creamery in the building two doors down on Laurel Avenue. For lunch or dinner, we recommend 7Trails Grill, which is approximately a half mile from the house.  A sampling of menus from different restaurants is included in the Guest Book.
  • Of the bike rental and shuttle companies in town, we recommend Sundog Outfitter & Adventure Damascus (888.595.2453). In the interest of full disclosure, we also own those businesses so we may be a bit biased! Truly though, the staff at both stores are super friendly and helpful!
  • Should you have an emergency that requires a visit to a doctor, Ballad Health Urgent Care (276.619.0075) is located at 24530 Falcon Place Blvd, Ste.100, in Abingdon (approximately 10 miles from the house), and Johnston Memorial Hospital/ER (276.258.1000) is located at 16000 Johnston Memorial Drive in Abingdon (approximately 12 miles from the house).
  • Damascus Town Police, 276.475.3341
  • Washington County Central Dispatch, 276.628.7123
  • Damascus Volunteer Rescue Squad, 276.475.5509

When You Leave. . . .

  • Remove all food from the refrigerator.
  • Make certain all trash (kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms) is bagged appropriately and put in the trash bin provided in the back yard.  Unfortunately, there are no options for recycling in our area, so everything goes in the trash.
  • Wash dishes and/or load and start the dishwasher with any remaining dirty dishes.
  • All soiled towels should be put in the shower/bath for each bathroom.
  • Leave the beds as they are -- leave them unmade and leave out extra blankets that were used so that we can wash them.
  • Close the blinds and turn off all lights.
  • Double check for all your personal belongings:  cell phone chargers, books, keys, favorite stuffed animal, etc.
  • Make certain both the front and back doors are locked upon departure.
  • Text or email us via the provided contact information when you have left the property.

112 East Laurel Ave.
Damascus, VA 24236